Privacy Statement

Client Privacy

We take our client privacy very seriously here at Cloud Beauty Uppermill.

We do not share or sell the information we collect for any other purpose than providing the best possible service for our clients.

We request the minimum level of personally identifying information to run our business effectively. This is data you provide us directly, for example, your name and contact details. We will never obtain information about you indirectly from sources outside our business. We store notes with respect to services we undertake to ensure we maintain and exceed our level of service. For example, your preferred tint colour formula codes, how you like your coffee and who your favourite therapist is.

Depending on the particular service(s) we are providing we may be required to ask questions related to your medical history. We will obtain your consent prior to storing information related to your medical history. Examples of medical data may be allergies, pregnancy or an injury that may impact our service.

We never divulge information shared or discussed with us to anyone.

Our Celebrity Clients

We will never discuss or publicize the identity of our clients to anyone.

We want every client to have the same amazing experience with us and we want every client to relax and enjoy themselves at our salon.

If you would prefer to have full exclusivity of the salon whilst you are visiting us, please contact us and we can arrange for that to happen
(Additional service fees will apply)

Please note: Occasionally we do have a celebrity client that is happy to promote the great experience that they have had with us, on social media or in the local news and we are extremely grateful. This is done with full consent and of their own fruition, as we would never ask.