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customisable services

pro skin

☁️ target & tone
The ultimate customisable treatment. Depending on your skin's needs, it may include enhanced technologies such as microcurrent, ultrasonic, LED light therapy and a combination of professional-grade actives. Every treatment includes well-being touches to elevate the experience.

Service Price:
pro skin 30 (30 mins): - £40
pro skin 60 (60 mins): - £65

targeted services

pro clear

☁️ clear & calm
Your journey towards clear skin starts here. Pore softening techniques, extractions and anti-bacterial, microbiome-balancing actives work together to clear and calm congested breakout-prone skin.

Service Price:
pro clear (60 mins): £70

pro bright

☁️ express & boost
Fade dark spots and reveal brighter skin. This high-intensity treatment combines a brightening peel with an electric infusion of professional-grade Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol - addressing all pigmentation concerns.

Service Price:
pro bright (60 mins): £70

pro calm

☁️ hydrate, balance & restore
Soothe and strengthen sensitive skin. Soothing botanical actives provide relief while lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage help calm a stressed nervous system. Targeted treatments help hydrate, balance and restore the skin barrier for reduced sensitivity and calmer skin.

Service Price:
pro calm (60 mins): £70

pro firm

☁️ firm, lift & smooth
A comprehensive facial workout. Firming and toning deep tissue facial massage are combined with retexturing and replenishing actives for visibly tighter skin.

Service Price:
pro firm (60 mins): £70

pro eye flash

☁️ brighten, tone & minimise
A powerful treatment that helps tone, smooth and brighten the eye area through intense stimulation and an infusion of botanical actives.

Service Price:
pro eye flash (25 mins): - £25

pro young / teen skin

☁️ clear & glow
For teens and young adults, pro extractions clears congestion, breakouts are calmed, and skin is left glowing.

Service Price:
pro young / teen skin (55 mins): - £40

advanced services

pro power peel

☁️ clear, smooth & renew
Our strongest, fastest chemical peel. This unique three-acid approach provides powerful resurfacing that is 100% tailored to your skin. Targets discolouration, texture and breakouts.

Service Price:
pro power peel 60 (60 mins): - £80

pro nanoinfusion

☁️ brighten & smooth
Want visibly smoother skin texture with zero downtime? Resurfacing actives and professional serums are infused into skin with a unique device, which uses tiny cones to maximize product penetration.

Service Price:
pro nanoinfusion (60 mins): £95

pro luminfusion

☁️ restore & renew
Want visibly smoother skin texture with zero downtime? Resurfacing actives and professional serums are infused into skin with a unique device, which uses tiny cones to maximize product penetration.

Service Price:
pro luminfusion (60 mins): £105


dermalux® led

☁️ rejuvenation, vitality & glow
dermalux LED phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of clinically proven therapeutic light energy to stimulate the skin's natural rejuvenation and repair processes without any pain or downtime. This treatment can be applied to both the face and body.

From the very first session, dermalux instantly revitalises the complexion, restoring its vitality and glow. The number of treatments required for optimum results varies based on several factors, including the specific condition being treated, its severity, the age of the individual, and their lifestyle. Typically, an initial course of 10 sessions is recommended for most conditions. For faster results, it's generally advised to take treatments in quick succession.

Service Price:
dermalux LED phototherapy (25 mins): £40
Course of 10 sessions (10 x 25 mins): £360

Optional Enhancement with dermalogica Services: For those looking to further enhance their skincare experience, the dermalux LED phototherapy can be optionally integrated into dermalogica services. This combination not only elevates the results of the primary service but also provides the added benefits of rejuvenation, vitality, and glow offered by the dermalux LED treatment.

Service Price:
dermalux LED treatment Add-on (20 mins): £20


☁️ enhanced skin treatment tools at cloud skin space

bt-sculpt: contour & definition

The bt-sculpt is a state-of-the-art tool by bio-therapeutic, designed to redefine and enhance facial contours. Leveraging advanced technology, bt-sculpt offers a non- invasive approach to sculpting and toning the face, giving it a more youthful and lifted appearance. Whether you're targeting the jawline, cheekbones, or forehead, bt- sculpt ensures precision in contouring, resulting in a more defined and chiselled look. When combined with other treatments at cloud skin space, the bt-sculpt elevates the overall skincare experience, offering clients a holistic approach to beauty and rejuvenation.

bt-sonic: precision & purity

The bt-sonic is the ultimate cleansing brush designed by the skin experts at bio- therapeutic. It's not just any cleansing brush; it's a tool that brings bio-therapeutic's award-winning expertise right to your home regimen. With every use, you're guaranteed professional-grade results. The bt-sonic ensures a deep cleanse, removing impurities and preparing the skin for further treatments.

bt-microfusion: advanced exfoliation

The bt-micro Fusion is a cutting-edge tool that combines the power of exfoliation with advanced technology. It's designed to provide a gentle yet effective exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion. When used in conjunction with other treatments, the bt-microfusion ensures that the skin is primed and ready to absorb serums and moisturisers more effectively.

bt-vision: clarity & focus

The bt-vision tool is a game-changer for skin analysis. It provides a magnified view of the skin, allowing professionals at Cloud Skin Space to assess the skin's condition accurately and recommend targeted treatments. With bt-vision, every treatment is personalised, ensuring that you get the most out of your skin care regimen.

enhancing your experience at cloud skin space

At cloud skin space, we believe in providing our clients with the best. By incorporating the advanced tools from bio-therapeutic, we ensure that every treatment is not just a service but an experience. Whether you're looking for a deep cleanse, targeted exfoliation, or a comprehensive skin analysis, our enhanced tools ensure that your skin gets the attention it deserves.

Service Price:

The use of these tools is complimentary and included in the full price of the treatment service; however, their application is at the discretion of the therapist.


☁️ revival, reimagined, now & beyond
At Cloud Beauty Uppermill and cloud skin space, we stand at the cusp of a new era in skincare—a renaissance that melds time-tested techniques with cutting-edge innovations. As we embrace the present, we are also looking ahead and anticipating the future needs and desires of our clients. Our treatments and technologies are not just about addressing today's skincare challenges but also preparing the skin for the future, ensuring its health, vitality, and radiance for years to come. In this skincare renaissance, we combine the wisdom of the past with the promise of tomorrow, offering a holistic approach that transcends time. Join us in this journey as we redefine beauty standards and set new benchmarks for skincare excellence.